Company Directory

Employee Name CFG Email Address Phone Number Fax Number
Gary Abshier 678-731-6932 770-417-2073
Walton Cobb (Birmingham Office) 205-868-4961 770-417-2074
Helen Fleitz – Main Office Number 770-913-9704
David Cooksey 678-731-6923 770-417-2075
Bart Gadlage 678-731-6940 770-417-2077
Anne Glaser 678-731-6929 770-417-2078
Robbin Michelle Harris 678-320-3040
Pat Harris 678-320-3041
Buzz Law 770-913-9704 770-417-2081
Rob Law 678-731-6931 770-417-2082
Scott Mauldin 678-731-6934
Janet Medlock 678-320-3045
Angela Ochsenknecht 678-320-3042
Richard Raby 678-731-6939 770-417-2085
Linda Ridley 678-320-3053
Philip Mulkey 678-320-3049
Crystal Stevens 678-320-3051 770-417-2087
Nancy Thrasher 678-731-6938 770-417-2088
Tim Vassy 678-731-6928 770-417-2089
Carol Warren 678-320-3046

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