Corporate-Sponsored Executive Benefit Programs

Executive Benefit Programs are designed to assist employees in being more productive and more focused on business results by minimizing distractions associated with personal financial decisions. Companies provide their executives and key employees with pre-screened, independent, outside advisors to assist with the tough financial situations faced daily by employees and their families.

Creative Financial Group believes that a Company executive is a valuable resource and a critical component to a Company’s success. Executives are most valuable when focused on the best interests of the Company and not sorting through investments and data required for financial decisions. We believe that when you engage executives in the financial planning process, they develop the sense of security that comes from understanding their financial situation and customizing strategies designed to help achieve their goals. Our experience tells us that executives value goal-oriented financial planning advice to help them make the best use of their benefits package. Through a corporate program, all financial planning services, asset management services and tax return preparation may be provided. Executive Benefit Programs can:

  • Serve as a valuable retention and recruiting tool for top talent.
  • Ensure that your executives recognize the full value of their total compensation package.
  • Help to make your executives more effective – enhancing the bottom line.
  • Save your HR or executive compensation team time and money.

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